Graduate Program of Compared Biology - PGB


The Graduate Program of Compared Biology (PGB) of State University of Maringa (UEM) offers Master and Doctorate degrees in Concentration Area of Biology of Organic Interactions. This Program qualify professionaly biologists in the activities determined by Federal Council of Biology, specialy in Botanics, Ecology, Genetics and Zoology.


Autoevaluation of PGB

The Graduate Program of Compared Biology has beem constituted a comitee to discuss about the implementation of a autoevaluation sistematic of the Program, in accordance with CAPES solicitation. The comitee members are as follows:

  • Prof.ª Dr.ª Claudete Aparecida Mangolim (PGB / UEM)
  • Prof.ª Dr.ª Lindamir Hernandez Pastorini (PGB/ UEM)
  • Prof.ª Dr.ª Carla Simone Pavanelli (PGB/ UEM)
  • Prof. Dr. João Alencar Pamphile (PGB/ UEM)
  • Prof.ª Dr.ª Vanessa de Carvalho Harthman (UFMS)
  • Prof. Dr. Odair José Garcia de Almeida (UNESP)

All professors and students of PGB will receive a questionaire with purpose of PGB autoevaluation.